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Alices Nightmare is the most intense  Alice Cooper tribute band Known to man or beast!  

We perform a full theatrical stage show  complete with props and extra performers.  It’s a shock

 rock show complete with clowns, doctors, nurses, spiders, monsters, and of course - an execution.

 As with Alice’s show, someone has to die, at least once!

Alices Nightmare is a NY/CT rock band, although we do play other states. We have six

members, including two guitarists, plus we have extra performers for the show.  We  love what we

do and have a great time performing the show.  We have quite a few props and a couple of magic

illusions, when space allows, to put on quite a show.  Each show is unique to where we are as to

what we can do.  We are an experience!

As Alice Cooper fans, we are dedicated to promoting Alice Cooper, the King of Shock Rock.

Alice still does a full tour and we hope that if you get the chance to see him you will.  We love

his shows!  He also  has his  own radio show, Nights with Alice Cooper .  We don’t think Alice

gets enough respect for all that he has done.  

We also support all of the original members of the Alice Cooper Group:  Dennis Dunaway,

 Neal Smith, Michael Bruce, and Glen Buxton (rest in peace).

Alices Nightmare shows have been performed in clubs such as BB Kings in New York City,

The Webster Theater in Hartford, CT, the Chance Theatre in Poughkeepsie, NY, and the Fairfield

Theater in Fairfield, CT; with more outlandish performances coming soon!

Succomb to the nightmare and become one of our victims!

Click below for our song samples

Song Samples