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Welcome to my Nightmare

In “Welcome To My Nightmare”, we are playing at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT.  The band consists of our guitarist, Karl,  our bass player, Forest, our keyboard player Larry, our drummer  Gordon, and of course, our Alice.

The stage, as always, is fully decorated with our Alices’ toys and  various props thrown around the stage. The Webster’s stage is large enough to really do it up!

No More Mr. Nice Guy:

      In No More Mr. Nice Guy, our Alice plays with his toys onstage, just to show that he’s no Mr. Nice Guy.  

 In this song one of the guests in the audience actually grabbed his axe with the baby on it.  Our Alice didn’t know what to do, eventually after some coaxing by our Alice, she gave back the axe, but kept the baby as a souvenir.


    For Killer at BB Kings in NYC, our Alice is actually in handcuffs.   The clowns eventually put him in a body bag, from there into a coffin where they  proceed to put swords through the coffin into our Alice.  This is just one of our executions we use to kill our Alice.

Video Fright Zone 2