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Go to Hell/Black Widow

In Go to Hell , we had a special guest, who could swing things from his ears.  In this particular segment, he chose to swing our spotlights that weighted about 20 lbs apiece from his ears.  As you can hear from the audiences’ reaction, some were appalled, others amazed.

In the Black Widow, our special guests were a big albino python with its trainer and a tattooed dancer. The snake was a big hit.

Billion Dollar Babies:

In Billion Dollar Babies, our Alice litters the stage with babies from his toybox. They go flying through the air as he tosses them out all over.  He then chooses which ones he wants to play with and does.  The clowns are left to clean up the mess he makes with them, being careful to stay out of his way.

Pick up the Bones

In Pick up the Bones we are at the Chance Theater in NY opening for Dennis Dunaway, the original bass player from the Alice Cooper Group, and his new band, the Dennis Dunaway Project. This song is one of my favorites, it is so eerie, especially with the fog, and the bag of bones our Alice carries around. Calmly picking up any bones he finds on the stage, and putting them in his “Bag of Bones”.

Video Fright Zone 3