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Eighteen is performed here on Halloween Night at the Fairfield Theatre, with Richie Scarlet, playing guitar for Alices Nightmare that night.  What an excellent show!  We decorated the whole theater from when you enter to the stage, it looked great!  Such a fun way to spend Halloween night, playing Alice Cooper, the king of shock rock himself!

Dept of Youth

The Department of Youth starts with the beginning of Phantom of the Opera, then goes into Department of Youth.  Our Alice starts off dressed as a psycho and slit’s a young girls throat while she is out walking, then slams into singing Department of Youth.  The band members  are Mark and Larry, our guitarists, Forest, our bass player, Larry on keyboards, and Gordon on drums.

Video by Jim Siatras

Cold Ethyl

We performed at The Haunt in Yonkers, NY,what an awesome place to play at! The people who work  

there were great.  Can't wait to go back.

We opened up the show with candy filled easter eggs being tossed into the audience and ended the show with "School's Out", and balloons filled with confetti and dollars.

In the following clip of Ethyl, our Alice ends up ripping the hair off of  Ethyl's head, and trying it on for size.

Victims Zone